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Preparing Your Dog for a Healthy Autumn

As summer turns into fall, there are several health and environmental changes to be aware of that may affect your pet's health and safety. With some basic info on what to look out for, you and your dog will enjoy this lovely season in perfect health.

-Seasonal Canine Illness: There is generally an increase in Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) between the months of August and November. This mysterious illness can affect dog of any age, size, or breed. The most common signs of SCI are lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea all within 72 hours of walking in woodland. This can be a fatal illness, so be alert and aware of your dog's symptoms, and consult your veterinarian if conditions worsen.

-Layering Up for the Colder Weather: A natural response for dogs in colder seasons is to grow thicker hair to keep themselves warm. But in the fall, their bodies may not respond so quickly to the changing air temperatures. Consider investing in rain-proof coats for evening walks in the rain and wind. Also, look for ways to keep your dog active inside the house. Although the cold weather is likely to keep them indoors more, your dog still needs activity to keep them healthy and happy.

-Keep Your Dog Visible as the Sun Sets Earlier: It's easy for you and your dog's long, summer strolls to quickly become short, hurried walks in the darkening fall evenings. Make sure that you keep bright colors on to be recognized by passing cars. Reflective vests and fluorescent colors work best.

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