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Study Finds Dogs Comprehend Language Similar to People

Scientists in Hungary have published a groundbreaking study that proves dogs understand both the meaning of words and the intonation used to speak them. The new report has found that dogs process language using the same regions of the brain that humans use. Although this has already been demonstrated in several studies, the Hungarian scientists were the first to see how it actually works in the dog's brain by using fMRI scanners to measure brain activity.

Using this high-tech piece of equipment, the Hungarian scientists were able to prove that regardless of intonation, dogs responded to familiar words using the left hemisphere of their brains. Tone, which is registered in the right hemisphere of the brain, was registered just as it is with humans.

Dog owners should be aware that regardless of tone, bringing up the word "toy" or "treat" or "walk" in conversation may still likely get their dogs attention. For the strongest communication with a dog, the scientists recommend addressing dogs directly, with familiar words and intonations that complement the word.

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